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Getting Organized: Tips and Planning for your perfect wedding


Chances are you already have a wedding planner book. Your date is set. The reception site is confirmed, as is your photographer, florist and Jules Bakery for your masterpiece wedding cake.  Good for you. Still, planning a wedding is... involved to put it mildly. But oh, what fun if you get organized. We draw on our many years of experience with special event planning and chatting with the hundreds of brides who have graced our bakery to offer you these suggestions.

Tip from a Dad: Create a Master List of things that need doing during the wedding day. Leave it out for others to see and help. They can check off items that have been  completed without having to find "someone in charge." 
Seven Tips to Creating a Perfect Wedding

#1 Create a Vision

Create a vision in your mind of your wedding day. Forget the detail stuff and focus on the mood, the emotion, the dream. What do you see? Think in simple terms. Formal or whimsical, chic or casual, fancy or simple, subtle or rousing. Stay with this vision as it can help you answer many questions that can feel overwhelming.  

Write a letter to yourself as if the wedding has already happened and describe it in detail, sign the letter and then tuck it away. Refer back to it when faced with choices. 

#2 Schedule

Do use your planner and follow the suggested time lines. The more details you handle early in the process, the less stressed you can be on your wedding day.

#3 Delegate

You don't have to do everything yourself! Get help with details from people in your life who want to be involved. Don't forget Dads. They are great at checking the list and making last minute confirmations. 

Your wedding day is just that... one day. Enjoy it to its fullest.

#4 Share

You have a vision of your wedding and even though you need the help of loved ones, you still need to be the one who makes decisions... unless a particular detail is not important to you. Helpers often have wonderful ideas to share, which could make your wedding even more awesome. Sometimes those ideas don't match your vision. Stick with your vision.

#5 Choose

Make decisions, but stay flexible because not everything goes according to plan. The vision is what is important. If it doesn't fit within your vision, don't do it. 

If you don't have everything completed by the day of your wedding, chances are those particular details were not meant to be.

#6 Hire professionals

Hire those people with whom you feel comfortable and confident that they will follow your vision and dream. This includes the team of Jules Bakery. Our job is to follow your vision through to your wedding cake masterpiece.

#7 Relax

You've scheduled, delegated, chosen and created your vision. Now it's time to sit back and relax. You have done everything you possibly can and now is the time to enjoy your wedding because you only get to do this once. You can work your stress off on the honeymoon.. Now it's time to experience your vision. 

Organize a cell phone party with your closest friends. Buy pastries from Jules Bakery and serve a nice wine while calling your list of late responders. Make it a fun night.

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