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Getting Started - How To Choose The Cake Of Your Dreams

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Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. We are delighted to have you consider us for your wedding cake masterpiece. Every wedding cake created at Jules Bakery receives our undivided attention to detail and flavor. 


What are you paying for when you purchase a wedding cake? Well, the cake of course and the icing. Then a custom design personally selected by the bride and groom. Some people choose cakes that require additional hand-molded decorations, such as draping,  flowers, sea shells or leaves. You are also paying for what you don't see -- the structural soundness of your cake. Your cake will stand majestically straight and sound. 

How do you budget for your cake? It can be difficult to say an exact price because there are so many design choices our bridal couples can make. Our prices begin at $2.75 per serving, depending on your chosen design. More detailed cakes obviously take longer and will cost more. Often, our brides will select a centerpiece cake to serve perhaps half their guests and serve additional guests from sheets cakes, which can be around $1 per serving. We also have a couture line available for custom designs.

View our photo album to visualize different sizes, shapes and servings of actual cakes to help you choose the design you will use to create your masterpiece..


Design (our wedding photo album)

Start by selecting a basic design: perhaps you like the “stacked” look or maybe separated tiers. Consider the size of your reception hall and cake table. If it is a very large room, you may want the centerpiece cake larger, or set it on pillars to create an illusion of height. If you want a smaller cake but want to create the illusion of size, you can incorporate a flowing fountain into the design. Space can be managed by selecting a table size that blends nicely with your cake selection.


Cakes come in several variations on shapes. Strong angles on round cakes or square are traditional. Contoured edging adds softness. Double and single layers together on a cake add unusual dimensions, as does designing with round and square for the same cake.  Shapes can be towering with very little differentiation between layers or they can be more staggered with wider steps from layer to layer. Heart-shaped cakes are a romantic touch for small intimate weddings. 


Now it's time to think about a decoration theme: do you prefer a simple dotted Swiss  technique or an elegant garland with scroll work? Or what about a basket weave?  We can change the entire look of the overall cake with a quick addition of colors to match your wedding theme.  Are you beginning to see that our options are limited only by our imaginations?

wddetailscroll.jpg (36573 bytes)


Now chose the flavor you want your cake to be, or mix and match a different combination for each layer. Go traditional and choose white. Follow the groom’s choice and add some chocolate. Be bold and go for champagne or mocha. All cake flavors baked at Jules Bakery are options for our wedding cakes.  Normally wedding cakes are crowned with our signature buttercream frosting. Many brides choose to also create their wedding cake with specialty fillings or other types of icing and fillings.

wdindiv234_julesbakery.jpg (59376 bytes)

Be Daring

If you want something more than a traditional wedding cake, we have a wide variety of choices for you. Go for cheesecakes instead of sponge cakes. Cupcake trees are darling and  no one has to cut the cake.  Individual cakes decorated to match a smaller bride’s cake are placed on each table as centerpieces.  Dessert bars are another popular way to celebrate. Normally they include a small bride’s cake or the addition of a groom’s cake, an assortment of cheesecakes and tortes, cookies and fancy pastries. It’s a little more expensive but worth every penny.  If you are truly the type of person who wants to create stir and do something outrageous, we offer multi-colored stacking packages and three-dimensional designs.  

Private Consultations

Call us today to schedule your private bridal consultation and taste testing,  319.447.0943. We love to send goodie boxes home with you for sampling.


Did you know that the height of a wedding cake used to predict how fortunate your new marriage would be? The bride and groom did not supply the cakes, their guests did! Each guest would bring a small cake (what we know as a fruit cake) and as they arrived at the celebration would stack their piece on the previous guest's piece, creating a tower of wedding cake pieces. Queen Victoria's era saw this change as wedding cakes were created by the bakers in towering confectioneries. Thus begins the tradition we follow today with multiple layers of different sizes. Over the years, designs have followed trends, just like everything else. 



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