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We love to eat good things, just like you do. That is why our ever-changing offering of pastries is delicious… if it doesn’t pass our taste test, we won’t sell it. Pastries are wonderful served with brunch, tea parties or dinner. Evening receptions are more elegant with a tray of our dessert pastries and miniature cakes.

Coffee Cakes & Breakfast Pastries

Our signature... Kringle –(serves about 15)  $17   

144 layers of flaky Danish pastry covering a sweet filling of nuts, fruits or yes, even chocolate. Filling choices are pecan, almond, raspberry, strawberry, cherry, apricot, lemon, or cream cheese.

Coffee cakes ranging from $6 to $14    

Sweet Rolls $3 each  

Our generously sized sweet rolls are made fresh each day without additives or preservatives. Choose from gooey pecan rolls smothered in pecans and caramel or cinnamon rolls smothered in our special cinnamon buttercream icing. Larger orders should be ordered one or two days in advance.

Muffin $2.75 

We go from ordinary to extraordinary--spicy peach, apple pecan, mocha, almond poppy seed, banana nut, blueberry, cinnamon, pumpkin… But you will have to place your order in advance because we make them fresh just for you, in your favorite flavor.  Some flavors may require advance notice.

Fruit & cream cheese croissants  $3.50

Butter croissants $3.50


Individual Pastries & Pies (one week advance notice)

Profiteroles or Cream Puffs  (large $2.35 ) 

A European delight that is better known in American as cream puffs. Just like the éclairs, Profiteroles are created from our very own Choux pastry bursting with rich vanilla fresh pastry cream. 

crouq.jpg (24578 bytes)

Cream Puff Shells (large $1, small 55¢)

This choux pastry is perfect for crab meat hors devours or filled with a savory cheese sauce. We bake them, you fill them. * pre-orders only - allow 7 days

Cream Horns $2.25

Cream horns made the way Europeans expect with puff pastry and our signature buttercream. 

cream horns.jpg (28315 bytes)

Bites of Pastry $1.35  Choose from our variety or special order for your special occasion

Brownie Mousse Bites  

Cherry Blossoms  

Pumpkin Bites   

Apple Cinnamon  (seasonal or special order)

Josephines   Similar to the Napoleon but a smaller bite size filled only with almond pastry cream.

signchblos_julesbakery.jpg (42543 bytes)

Éclairs $3.10 

Handmade Choux pastry with our very own sweet 100% whipped cream or fresh vanilla bean pastry cream, with a thick blanket of dark chocolate.

Napoleons $3.50 

Delicate flakes of pastry layered with rich pastry cream, raspberries, and a touch of chocolate glaze.

signnapol.jpg (17899 bytes)

Petit Fours $3.50 each 

The finest finger dessert created for your special occasion. These small (2 inch square) European cakes are  made with a buttery sponge, layered with fruit or chocolate fillings, coated with our handmade marzipan and smoothed to perfection in sweet white fondant.

ptfour.jpg (53742 bytes)

Pillows of fruit $2.95

We love these delicate pastries filled with apple, almond or cherry. special order only. 

signpillows_julesbakery.jpg (23554 bytes)

Pieces of Heaven $3.65

Delightful petite four from our signature Piece of Heaven torte that features vanilla cheesecake, chocolate mousse center topped with deep chocolate cake and smothered in ganache

signpoh.jpg (36888 bytes)

Tartlets $3.75

(Seasonal fillings) The very popular baby pie -- miniature, made from scratch pies in the perfect size for a dessert buffet or individuals.                                                                                                                                                         

signfruittart.jpg (29688 bytes)

Pies  (many are seasonal so call with enquiries)

Fruit Pies $18

We make our crust from scratch with Granny's recipe. It's light and flaky with a delicious buttery taste. Flavors include cherry, apple, dutch apple, peach, or strawberry (when the berries are in season)


Cream Pies $16

Chocolate chiffon (a specialty of Jules), Lemon chiffon or meringue, Banana Cream, Pumpkin - all are made from scratch


Pecan $20 or chocolate Pecan $20.25 - a holiday tradition


Cutie Pies  $3.50 perfect for one!





Cake Balls!

They are sweeping the country in popularity and yet, we have been making them for 10 years! Go figure.  Balls of cake dipped in chocolate chocolate or white chocolate. many different flavors. Also available in Cake pops. Flavor combinations change with the seasons. We may have any of the following available: chocolate mint, birthday cake, red velvet, champagne strawberry, strawberry lemonade or chocolate chocolate!   $1.50 signcakeball2.jpg (36123 bytes)
signcakeballs3_julesabkery.jpg (26125 bytes)






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