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Cakes For Our Young Customers

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Birthdays should always be celebrated with excitement. For our younger customers, we offer a full selection of cakes to show favorite colors, hobbies, toys, friends and more. We are limited at the detail of popular cartoon characters because of copyright laws. Here is only a small sample of design ideas. Call us to order your young person's birthday cake today and let's put our imagination to work creating something special.

There are many photos here and it takes a while to load. It's worth the wait.

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Stacked cake prices vary depending on your design. One week's notice is required as a minimum.
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ctrcrown&pillow.jpg (40079 bytes) kddollyellow.jpg (16130 bytes) kdcrown.JPG (17597 bytes)
Princess cakes Doll Crown
kdmoneyface.jpg (43057 bytes) bdtea.jpg (9940 bytes) princess.JPG (42438 bytes)
Monkey Teapot Princess Mound
kdmindcraftstyle.jpg (75367 bytes) kdbackpackmap.jpg kdpood.jpg (15337 bytes)
computer games Exploring Pink Poodle
kddinofun839.jpg (64380 bytes) kddinosauers.jpg (34422 bytes) kdbday&balloons.jpg (20191 bytes)
fun dinosauer wild dinos balloons and fun
kdanimals.jpg (19541 bytes) cdbarnanimals.JPG (112558 bytes) Circus Tents
zoo animals barn animals circus animals
kdnoah.jpg (20086 bytes) kdjungle.jpg (27764 bytes) kdbear&bunny.jpg (20507 bytes)
Noah's Animals Jungle animals Bear & Bunny
Cows and chicks kdbutterfly&plaid.jpg (19122 bytes)
Cows  Daisies in Plaid
alligators kdoctopus0350.JPG (200113 bytes)
Alligator Octupus
Arc dolphin ckbigldybg.jpg (41451 bytes)
Noah's Arc Dolphins
kdstraw2.jpg (13631 bytes) kdballet.jpg (14102 bytes) kdbutterfly.jpg (10836 bytes)
Strawberry Vines ballet butterflies
cccartoon.jpg (18925 bytes) cpcktoons.jpg (56795 bytes) ccplatter.jpg (17506 bytes)
Fun Cupcakes Cartoon Caricature  Cupcakes
sptsoc3d.jpg (26893 bytes) sptbskball.jpg (43798 bytes) sptbsball.jpg (32850 bytes)
Soccer* Basketball Baseball Field
sptbskblcrt.jpg (29504 bytes) sptsnwbrd.jpg (52620 bytes) sptfield.jpg (19971 bytes)
Basketball Court Snowboarding Football Field
sprckclm.jpg (12557 bytes) sptbsktbl3d.jpg (30504 bytes)
Rock Climbing 3-D Basketball*
spbstballtop.jpg (11250 bytes) spsocball.jpg (14776 bytes) spt0020.jpg (19667 bytes)
Basketball top Soccer ball top Sports Balls
kdcowboy.JPG (44762 bytes) kdcamof.jpg (39295 bytes) kdbigwheeltrk.jpg (27465 bytes)
Cowboy Camouflage & Paint Ball Big Wheel Truck
kdmonstrk.jpg (25617 bytes) kddumptrk.jpg (19739 bytes) firetrucks
Monster Truck Dump Truck  Fire Truck
Spider Man Strong fists ckmoon00298.JPG (41741 bytes)
Spiders Strong enough to break down walls Moon and stars
ckrocket.jpg (18854 bytes) Trains kdscoobbus.JPG (47512 bytes)
Rocket ships Train Scooby's bus


babyblock3.jpg (10586 bytes) babyblocks2-d.jpg (26023 bytes) babyfootprints.jpg (30368 bytes)
Baby blocks* 2-D baby blocks Baby's foot and hand prints
babyDuck.jpg (32414 bytes) babyface.jpg (17768 bytes) babyhearts.jpg (20837 bytes)
2 Tiers of baby ducks* Baby face Hearts & Stars
kdsmiles.jpg (46640 bytes) babycarriage.JPG (21432 bytes) babymoon.jpg (27348 bytes)
First birthday Baby Carriage Cow Jumped Over The Moon
babystorkquilt.JPG (21103 bytes) babyumbrella.jpg (19168 bytes) babypkpld.jpg (17151 bytes)
Baby Shower Pink Plaid
babyblueplaidteddy.JPG (19018 bytes) PEAPOD.jpg (24277 bytes) babtcarrplaid.JPG (19446 bytes)
babybib.jpg (16176 bytes) babyclotline.JPG (82799 bytes) babyclothes.JPG (16882 bytes)
Baby's Bib
babycarriages.JPG (25031 bytes) babystckpg.jpg (29174 bytes) whsq2tpink&purp.jpg (23352 bytes)
Stacked Packages For Baby*
* May require 5-day advance order



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