It’s easier to design cakes than websites

Updating a website when you are a cake designer is no easy task. Even with a background in marketing and design, I find this new project daunting. Yes, I could just slap up some photos and call it good but I don’t think that presents my creations in the best light. I am proud of each cake and treat I design and having to choose which photos to show is hard! I want you to see them all. And that can’t happen because it would crash my site — way too many. The selection process and learning a new software program is taking more time than I thought it would. As usual I underestimated! Trying to find time to dedicate to building the new site is slim too. On many occasions it is just me in the kitchen and lots of “you.” I leave myself little time to do anything but create desserts. That’s ok, normally. It’s what I love to do. It’s my passion and I am so lucky that I get to live out my passions every day. Then there are days I know I need to get on the computer and get this site up. Of course those are the days when the freezer decides to stop or the dishwasher overflows or one of my team is ill. I always say I own a lot of hats. Each day I wear a different one. Each day as a small shop owner brings the unexpected. Each day creating desserts for you is my blessing. And I would not trade one of my “each days.” I just wish I had two or three extra days so I can get this site finished.

In the meantime, please be patient with me. Visit our Facebook page. Or come in to the shop and have a look at previous designs. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for shopping local and supporting small local businesses like Jules Bakery.  And remember what we have ALWAYS said, “Life is short. Serve dessert first.” tm

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