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Celebrate achievements! High School, college, even pre-school graduates love eating cake from Jules Bakery. For our customers who would like to make a statement about their graduation and go for something memorable, offer guests a dessert bar. Include several different designs for cake, incorporate cheesecakes and top it off with custom designed sugar cookies! Cookies and brownies are a nice added touch for your dessert table and open house. With our vast assortment of cupcake choices, you will not send anyone home on an empty tummy! 

We all know that sheet cakes are easy to cut and serve. (A full sheet will serve up to 88 people.) Layer cakes are elegant and can come in single tiers or multiple tiers to serve additional guests. Designs and colors are widely available for a traditional look or a more trendy display when you want your party to stand out among all the other graduation parties. 

College graduation celebrations tend to be a smaller, more formal affair. Our traditional layer cakes are great for your celebration. Or upgrade to a more sophisticated dessert such as an almond torte, cheesecake or the elegant and ultimate celebration cake... the Ascot... made with real champagne.

Here are a few ideas, but don't hesitate to bring us your own design, match your party theme or shoot for the stars and something different. Please consider your calendar and place orders early since we get booked quickly during busy graduation weeks.  

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It's all about the color and something a little special! Cupcakes and cupcake-designed cookies.
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