What are your hours?

We are open Tuesday – Friday from 9-5:30 and Saturday from 9-2. We are closed on Sunday for family time and closed on Monday for prep time.

Do you custom design cakes or cupcakes?

Yes, that is what most of our customers want. You will have to stop in the shop if your design is complicated. We want to be sure we can go over all the requirements with you face-to-face.

Do you have treats ready to pick up in the bakery?

We do have treats available when you stop in. We have a long list of cupcakes flavors to choose. We have cakes that have been designed with simple decorations so you can buy one as a last minute celebration dessert. We also have cheesecakes and other pasty desserts for your selection. We ALWAYS have our highly popular signature decorated sugar cookies ready to go for you. We change our selection of cookies and brownies by the season and by the week depending on my baking mood!

Do you make wedding cakes?

My favorite thing to do! I love being part of every couple’s wedding celebration. I look forward to creating beautiful designs that fit each couple I work with.

How about Macarons?

Yep. However, you should call the bakery to see what flavors we have available. It changes.


Ample amounts of our basic flavors. We change the flavors of our custom cupcakes each week.


Always our sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies. Crackle chocolate cookies are very popular.

Do you ship?

No, sorry. As much as we would like to offer our treats around the world, the ingredients of frosting won’t sustain a mail trip. Since we do not put additives or preservatives in our food, treats are really meant to be eaten right away.

Do you make treats for special dietary issues?

We offer gluten free cake. We can tell you which treats are made without certain ingredients. We are not a “nut-free” bakery but do have desserts that do not contain nuts. If you have dietary restrictions, call us and we can try to find something for you to indulge in.

Where are you located?

On the border of Marion and Cedar Rapids Iowa about 3 blocks from the Lindale shopping area.