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Cupcakes!  Cookies! Brownies! 

Too busy to bake but you still want delicious treats? Got ya' covered.

Treat the office, your clients or the children with a box of delicious cookies and bars. We make it all from scratch, fresh without additives or preservatives, keeping the great old-fashion taste of your favorite treat alive with flavor. Bite into our classic chocolate chip cookie, or satisfy your chocolate craving with a dark chocolate brownie cupcake made with three types of Ghirardelli® Chocolate.

We start with fresh ingredients like butter, eggs and sugar. Then we make the cookies fresh each day so that you can always have your favorite. What IS your favorite?.




They're everywhere, in every color, every flavor and every design.

Signature flavors begin at $1.95

White, chocolate, champagne and red velvet are always ready to go. Top them with our famous buttercream and finish them with a sweet design. Raspberry, carrot, German chocolate and lemon can be made-to-order with a few days notice. 

Today we are tasting Salted Caramel

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Stuffed Cupcakes


We take our top selling cupcakes and actually make them even better, if there can be such a thing. We stuff them with our favorite combinations and each day brings a new idea. While we are happy to have your order ready in advance, the flavor you are craving may not be available! Call us today and ask what the flavor whim of the day is!  It might be some of the following: 

chocolate chip cookie dough (yes, this one you can eat)

chocolate mousse

chocolate and raspberry deep chocolate icing

champagne with chocolate ganache and strawberry buttercream

Giant  Cupcakes 

$4.00 Your favorite in just a little bigger size. White or chocolate are normally available

Cake Balls

$1.50 each

This newest way to serve cake is sweeping the nation. Who knows. maybe they will be more popular than cupcakes? ..... Nah.

Today we have birthday cake, lemon-aid, red velvet & white chocolate, champagne/strawberry and mimosa. 

Cake Pops!

$2.00 each

Take the crazy popularity of cake balls and decorate them on a stick and you have... Cake Pops. Designs vary and custom orders are accepted for quantities of four dozen or more.


cookievariety.jpg (24425 bytes)

Decorated sugar cookies  

Our #1 best seller 

$13.60/dozen from our case or $1.75 each

Why not pick up a dozen today with decorations to match your occasion. $1.75 from the cases with today's design, $13.60 a dozen for our seasonal designs, or $2.25 for custom designs. All made with good old-fashion real ingredients and topped with our famous buttercream frosting. These are truly old fashion sugar cookies.

cookiedecr_julesbakery.jpg (43390 bytes)
Artisan Shaped sugar cookies $2 each Cut to fit the season or your occasion, this delicate sugar cookie is then covered with our signature browned butter glaze - our signature taste unlike you've ever had. Ask us about custom designs to fit your occasion. Custom prices begin at $2.50 each.
Cookies! made from scratch with only the best ingredients

$1.20 each

mixed up baker's dozen $11.75

Classic chocolate chip

Oatmeal raisin  Team favorite  


Double chocolate


Crackles Best seller

Peanut butter

Ginger snaps (seasonal)

Peanut Blossom - (seasonal)

Almond Macarons - call for flavor of the week  ($1.50)

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Bars and


Brownie Cupcake $2.50 each Ghirardelli® Chocolate brownie cupcake is a signature goodie of Jules. It's actually a dense double chocolate brownie in a cupcake to hold in all the rich butter and chocolate. It took years to perfect and now it's available to you everyday - awesome! signchiradbrown_juelsbakery.jpg (65651 bytes)

Chocolate Brownies $1.85 Making our brownies from scratch using real butter means you get a delicious dark chocolate chewy brownie that could possibly be the best brownie you have ever had. At least that's what we are told by our customers. Our turtle brownie is topped with old fashion chocolate fudge icing, our very own caramel and pecans. Our mint brownie is topped with our signature buttercream icing that we have flavored with crushed mint.

Cheesecake Brownie $2.10 Our same rich chocolate brownie but topped with real cream cheese and baked to perfection!

Bars $1.85-$2.50 We really do make our bars from scratch and can tell our customers exactly which ingredients go into each pastry. Choose from a variety of bars that include several seasonal favorites.  Please consider that we do not make all of these flavors all the time. Call us to find out what we are baking this week.

Cherry royals

Raspberry Almond $2.50 * (seasonal)

Pecan bar $3 (seasonal)

Luscious lemon bar

Keylime bar (in the summer)

Gourmet Rice Krispie® bar

Pumpkin with cream cheese icing

Raspberry Royal $2.50

Bites $1.35 Chocolate brownie mousse, pumpkin, cherry blossoms and Josephines are included in our daily choices. Call for other options or suggestions. signbites7.jpg (31843 bytes)









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