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It’s Christmas time at Jules Bakery. We all know what that means. COOKIES.
We have our assorted variety cookies or our decorated sugar cookies. We have our delicious (and exclusive) artisan cookie that is dipped in our browned butter glaze for a rich flavor.

We have platters of cookies in both small and large. Specialty orders and large orders should be placed preferably two weeks in advance. However, sometimes we can work your order in so call us before you go to the big box place.

Almond Shortbread

Pricing for variety cookies range from $1.20 each to $2 each. Some are included in our assortment pricing of $11.10/doz.

Decorated Sugar
Santa Cookies
Giant Designs Customizing is available

Decorated sugar cookies are $1.75 each, $13.60 per dozen. Custom designs begin at $2 each. Giant cookies are $8 each and are customizable. We also have gingerbread boys and girls available for $1.75 each.

Artisan Cookie
Gingerbread Exclusives
3 D cookie sets

Artisan cookies are $2 each for our typical Christmas designs. Giant cookies are $8 each. Gingerbread signature designs are $3 each. Three dimensional sets begin at $15.

Large platter
Cakeballs and more for gift giving
Small Platter $42

40 pieces that include a variety of our favorite Christmas selection enclosed in a holiday platter ready for serving.

Large Platter $55

66 pieces of our favorite Christmas cookies as well as chocolate fudge. Enclosed in a holiday platter ready for serving.

Cheesecakes $25 Made from scratch in our kitchen
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Slice of Heaven Signature Cake
Macarons $1.50