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Our Signature Treat...  Cakes

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From the simple elegance of white wedding cake to our decedent combination of champagne, strawberries and chocolate in our Ascot cake, our philosophy is serve dessert first. With a wide selection of flavors, sizes and designs, celebrating special occasions is so sweet. 

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Every great occasion is a chance to serve cake from Jules Bakery. Of course you donít really need a  reason to eat cake. Here are some suggestions: bought a new house, hard week at work, met sales goals, cleaned the fish tank, balanced the check book, itís a full moon. See what we mean? You donít need a reason, just a craving for awesome cake.  If you are planning a wedding, please refer to our wedding pages where we feature many ideas for wedding cakes, serving amounts, event planning, and more.

Each cake is baked with quality ingredients and iced with perfection Ė our buttercream frosting! Simply the best, but a very well kept secret recipe. Prices are for basic flavors that include our signature buttercream icing on white, chocolate, marble or red velvet sponge cake. Slight upgrades may apply to specialty cakes and fillings. Also available: naughty cakes or bachelor party cake (no photos here though)!!

Don't forget cupcakes. We normally have several flavors on hand: white, chocolate, red velvet, and champagne. With a week's notice we are happy to make any of our flavors below in cupcakes. 


Cake Flavors!

The cake is the flavor, not just the icing so you get the full effect of yum! Plus, we'll even decorate it for you!


Traditional Flavors




Pink Champagne*   yes we use real Champagne... our signature cake

Red velvet*

Lemon Raspberry Swirl

Carrot*  another signature cake


Specialty* flavors (advance notice of one week needed and some are seasonal)

Banana  (awesome) 

Chocolate Mint - favorite


German chocolate (presented with our handmade coconut pecan icing) 


Keylime - seasonal 


Pumpkin - seasonal

Poppy seed **- lemon or almond



These are our most popular flavors. If you have a favorite, we would be delighted to create it for you. 

Check out our selection of specialty cakes, desserts and tortes for a truly unique dessert.



Cake icings and fillings

Traditionally we top our cakes with our signature buttercream icing, which will please even the most sophisticated tastes. With the addition of any one of our fillings and you have a totally different experience! Be bold or be traditional -- either way you will have the pleasure of enjoying a wonderful dessert. Please note: we are a buttercream shop and do not top our cakes with fondant.

Chocolate buttercream

Cream cheese

Chocolate ganache

Coconut pecan*

Caramel buttercream

Hazelnut buttercream

Lemon buttercream

Mocha buttercream

Mint buttercream

Peanut butter buttercream

Raspberry buttercream

Strawberry buttercream

Fruit fillings: strawberry, raspberry, lemon, apricot, cherry


Cupcakes  $1.95 to $4.50 (flavors are not always immediately available)

 Regular flavors available everyday!

White, chocolate, Red Velvet, Champagne

Gourmet cupcakes (some flavor combinations require one week advance notice)

Chocolate fudge stuffed

Chocolate chip cookie dough stuffed

Pina colada (seasonal)

Salted caramel

German chocolate


Pumpkin (seasonal)

Cake Balls - $1.50 [flavors alternate based on available ingredients and our whims!]

Chocolate chocolate-chips

Red Velvet

Pink Lemonade

Strawberry champagne

Birthday Cake

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate


Round 2-layer  servings

8"  $40             12-16

9"  $47             15-25

10" $60.50            25-35

12" $85            50-60

Mound $48       10-12 (the traditional doll cake)

Single layer 8" rounds are available on request



Sheets  servings  sheets cakes are single layers

Quarter  $41     15-20

Half  $60.50           30-45

Full  $90           75-90




Click here to view a full size cake cutting guide 


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*indicates pricing upgrade  

**advance notice of one week please




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