Life is short! Serve Dessert First!

A little bit of special tonight, from our kitchen to your table. Dessert can be as simple as a bite sized brownie with mousse to our signature Ascot or Slice of Heaven cakes. Change it up with our fabulous cheesecake. All are made by hand from scratch in our kitchen. Can’t get much closer to homemade than that. Most of our specialty desserts need a week’s advance ordering. Cheesecakes are kept on hand but flavors would be limited.

$25  Raspberry cheeseake. Our #1 seller

$25 Turtle Cheeecake

Chocolate, caramel, & pecans on a chocolate cookie crust

$25 Pumpkin Cheesecake

Pumpkin in a gingersnap cookie base. So much better than pie.

$25  Cookies and Cream

$25 Chocolate Cheesecake

$25 New York style Vanilla

Other cheeecake flavors that might be available with two week advance notice include: strawberry, keylime, lemon raspberry, kahalua, and amaretto.

jules bakery cedar rapids marion iowa buttercream
jules bakery cake buttercream cedar+rapids marion iowa
buttercream cake jules bakery cedar+rapids marion Iowa

$40 Slice of Heaven

Vanilla cheesecake, chocolate mousse and chocolate cake together under a blanket of ganache. All made in our own kitchen.

$40 Ascot

Name for the famous British race where the style is champagne with strawberries and chocolate. In our version it’s champagne cake.

$40 Chocolate Indulgence

Chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream and if that’s not enough chocolate, we top it with chocolate ganache. See a trend here?

buttercream cake jules bakery cedar+rapids marion Iowa princess cake

$40 Red Velvet Waterfall

Love red velvet cake!

$50 Princess cakes

California AND Cedar Rapids — we can set trends too. Vanilla cake, raspberry filling, whipped cream mounds all tucked in under my own marzipan. Advance notice of two weeks is preferred.

$42 Queen Anne

Named after my daughter who invented this almond confection. Almond cake filled with sweet pastry cream and covered in almond buttercream.

$40 German Chocolate

Old fashioned made from scratch deliciousness.

$40 Banana Split

Banana cake with all the toppings

$40 Strawberry Torte

Layers of vanilla cake between strawberry puree and whipped cream