Valentine's Day!

Our favorite holiday

Weather it’s chocolate covered strawberries, candy stuffed cupcakes, cheesecake or specialty cake we have Valentine’s Day covered for you.

Valentine cookies $1.75 each. Our delicious sugar cookie topped with our exclusive browned butter glaze and lightly decorated with white chocolate

Valentine cookies $13.75 per dozen. Number 1 selling cookie at Jules Bakery is a sugar cookie with our signature buttercream frosting decorated for Valentines Day. Pleny on hand so stop by or call ahead and we will have your order ready to go.

$2 each.  Blinged out chocolate strawberries with glitter, confetti, sequins. All the fun edibles.

Chocolate covered strawberries $1.25 each

$12 per box. Seven of our incredible blinged strawberries in a gift box are perfect for someone special

Tuxedo strawberries $1.75 each.

Still a favorite. Cupcakes range from $2-3.75 depending on your flavor selection.

And then there are these little cupids! Advance  orders only please. $7.50 each

Or this! Candy-filled cupcakes. Only at Jules. Advance  orders only please. $4.50 each


For your Valentine’s Day Dinner guests we have fabulous cakes. What is Cupid’s favorite? Anything with chocolate ganache probably. Or, maybe not…