We start with the best ingredients. We add combinations of flavors. We bake the cake. We finish with our signature buttercream icing — which is a secret recipe developed by Jules over 40 years ago. It could well be the best frosting you have ever had. But don’t ask for fondant designs because this is a Buttercream shop! You will be amazed at what we can do with buttercream.

Let’s start with the cake. What is your favorite? (*one week advance notice) We have our basics: white, chocolate, red velvet, champagne and marble. Then we have our specialty flavors that require advance notice of one week and upgraded pricing. (some might be seasonal). We also have a wide selection of specialty desserts created from our cake flavors.

♦Almond     ♦Banana      ♦Carrot      ♦Champagne/strawberry  ♦Coconut

♦Funfetti      ♦German Chocolate      ♦Hazelnut      ♦Lemon      ♦Lemon/raspberry

♦Mocha       ♦Raspberry      ♦Salted Caramel

Now let’s put the icing on. We normally start with our vanilla buttercream. By adding a variety of flavors we can create a totally different cake experience for your celebration. Be bold or be traditional — either way you will have the pleasure of enjoying a wonderful dessert.

♦Chocolate    ♦Coconut Pecan     ♦Fruit – strawberry, raspberry, cherry    ♦Ganache

♦Hazelnut      ♦Mocha                  ♦Vanilla (our standard)

How many people would you like to feed? We can make your cake to exactly the number of guests you have. Or we can make it bigger if you are like us and want left-overs. We can make it round with two layers or a sheet cake with one layer and very easy to cut. We can even stack layers on layers like a wedding cake for an upgraded price. If you want to stack your cake please call the bakery for exact prices.

Round layers servings and standard pricing (specialty flavors have $5 upgrade)

  • 8″   serves 12-18  $40
  • 9″   serves 16-24  $48
  • 10″ serves 30-40  $60
  • 12″ serves 50-60  $80
  • Doll mound serves 10-12  $45

Sheet Cake servings and standard pricing (specialty flavors have $5 upgrade)

  • quarter   serves 12-24  $40
  • half        serves 24-40  $60
  • full        serves 70-90  $85


Cupcakes are always available in our bakery. We always have our standard cake flavors available in cupcakes that include white, chocolate, champagne and red velvet. Our specialty flavors are available on most days. We try to always have almond, carrot, champagne strawberry, German chocolate, salted caramel and lemon raspberry on hand. Ocassionally we run out of certain flavors due to high demand. Prices begin at $2 each for white and chocolate. Prices increase based on flavors and additional ingredients used to fill the cupcake. For example, gourmet stuffed cupcakes with chocolate chip cookie dough or ganach are $3.50 each. Custom designs are available and may incurr and upgraded price.

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Cupcakes and roses