Welcome. Thank you for visiting our website. We are updating and refreshing our site to make it easier for you to see what we can do. While we are under construction, you can see many photos on our Facebook pages.

Come in and enjoy the aroma — it’s the scent of  our commitment to quality and baking with the best ingredients. This is what brings our customers back time after time for desserts and sweet treats. Our first and basic ingredient is customer satisfaction, followed by a dedication to using the best ingredients to create a true treat. It’s all about the dessert. It’s what we do, always have done and always will do… desserts and CAKES. Once you are treated to our desserts you will understand the difference between our concept of baking verses that frozen thing at the big box store. Life is short. Serve dessert first!™

Holidays, birthdays, weddings… We want your celebration to be awesome. For more information, browse our website. Take a look at our galleries currently on online with many more being added soon. Call us for more information.

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Now accepting consultations for 2019 weddings. Constulations are always free and are your opportunity to see my designs, get price estimates and have taste test.

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